Úrsula Sánchez or the secret to enjoying the present moment

Úrsula Sánchez o el secreto para disfrutar del momento presente - Nasei


Create with flowers as a way of life.

The nuances are important.

That is why Úrsula is a floral stylist and not a florist.

The difference is in creativity and knowing the flowers very well.

Do you want to know who we are talking about? 

Úrsula Sánchez is the person behind Nice Flowers, a beautiful floral studio located in Molins de Rey, in the Bajo Llobregat region.

There, in an open and bright space, is where he creates his floral designs for weddings, events and other private clients.

Also the place where we planted ourselves (and never better said) a few months ago to do a very special photo session.


mujer con flores en su taller

What better place than surrounded by flowers?

You will find it in a kind of small house, on the first floor, behind the entrance to the vineyards, between painters, photographers and a ballet school.

It also designs decoration services for offices and shops.

Although what she is most passionate about is being able to merge her teaching side with her creative profile in her Workshops florales.

Aimed at adults and children, we can't think of a more beautiful way to share time than approaching the world of flowers.

This is where your bet goes.


frasco de ambientador sobre una silla


"It fills me up a lot and I want to grow and enhance this educational part."


taller rodeado de flores


Because not so many years ago, Úrsula dedicated herself to teaching. Until the birth of his son Nico made him make a move.

"It was inside of me. I knew that one day I would dedicate myself to the floral world. In 2015 when I was a mother I realized that I needed a change of direction”, she explains.

And, after a stage working as Wedding Planner, traveled to England to train at the prestigious Londons Flowers School.

Brave, right? 

Especially when this means turning your life upside down and leaving a stable job.



Actually, flowers were not something new to her.

«When I was little, my grandparents had an orchard and I helped them plant. I was fascinated to discover that changing universe ».



Úrsula, what is your creative process like?

The truth is that I vibrate with flowers. Its shapes, its movements, its colors…

I never choose them by their name, but by their shape and texture. 

For me it is vital to do a previous job to get to know the person doing the order well. 

I care about knowing their tastes, what their day-to-day life is like and other details, to know how to transmit it with flowers.

ramo de flores


What is the purpose of Nice Flowers?

The purpose of Nice Flowers is therapeutic. 

Its beauty helps us train our eyes and learn to value and perceive small details.

In a world with as much stress as the one we live in, we really need to have flowers nearby that anchor us to the present moment.


How do you think flowers influence a person's well-being?

I am convinced of it.

If you've had a difficult day, arriving home and finding a bouquet of fresh flowers causes you to change your mood.

jarrón con tulipanes




Do you have a favorite flower or plant? Because?

I am more of a flower than a plant. 

Tulips are my favourites.

I find it exciting to watch when they open up, they go from something simple to a tropical flower. I love them.

I also really like Scabiosa. A very delicate flower that has a beautiful movement and changes any floral arrangement.

What meaning do flowers have for you?

Flowers give me peace, illusion, they allow me to have life and breathe nature daily.

They bring me serenity, peace, personal growth, each project is a new challenge. 

There is no monotony, I do not let it enter. I try to make each job unique and special.


Which Flores del Norte product do you prefer?

 The roll-on paz mental It came into my life like water in May.

After my second maternity and a few months of a lot of work, I needed calm. Since then I have always been close. 

I carry it in my bag, I always have it at hand before going to sleep... 

It is a smell that transmits tranquility and that takes me on a trip to places that bring me peace like Tuscany.


mujer rodeada de flores aplicándose un rollon de aromaterapia


Do you have a mantra that you repeat often?

The world needs to surround itself with more natural beauty.


Thank you for reminding us and filling us with flowers, Úrsula.


Text by Verónica Martín
Photography by Lara Lopez