Skin care during pregnancy: how to nourish the body.

Cuidado de la piel en el embarazo: cómo nutrir el cuerpo. - Nasei


Did you know that during pregnancy the skin stretches up to ten times its original size?

Furthermore, due to the hormonal fluctuation that occurs during this stage, the epidermis, the outermost layer of the skin or the one that protects us from the external environment, tends to secrete less of its own sebum naturally.

For this reason, pregnant women often say that their hair feels cleaner and less greasy for longer.

But this lack of lipids means that the skin is less nourished in its depth and therefore, when stretched, it cracks and suffers tears in the tissue that result in stretch marks.



It has been proven that healthy skin is one where the barrier function is kept protected. For this, it is important to have a good balance between hydration and nutrition, as well as a regulated pH.


By following a series of basic and simple care, we assure you that you can minimize its appearance, and even ensure that there are none in the final stretch.

As easy as starting to take care of your skin from the most basic thing: the shower.



Because when the balance is maintained between adequate hydration and nutrition, accompanied by gentle massages, it helps stimulate the collagen and elastin-producing cells that are responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.



1. Start using a mild soap.

It seems obvious, but behind a soapy cosmetic there are many ingredients, some so extremely cleansing that they drag down the protective layer of the skin barrier.

These types of products are said to be astringent, as they eliminate fat from the epidermis, which if you know Nasei's philosophy you will know that we are total advocates of not eliminating it in its entirety so that it does not cause dehydration or malnutrition of the skin.



So why soap lean?

We are in favor of those that are based on vegetable oils such as olive oil due to their high content of vitamins and fatty acids.

When looking at a label, we prefer cold soap bar soaps that do not contain synthetic perfumes or hardeners.

Reason why we make the olive and lavender herbal soap , which in addition to complying with the above, leaves the skin soft after use.


When applied it creates a light creamy foam and also does not leave the skin tight. Good! Just what is needed to protect the skin's coat.




2. Nourishes in depth.

And a lot.

As lovers of vegetable oils, the best treatment to take care of the belly, buttocks and buttocks at this stage is to apply an oil daily that nourishes and provides the necessary nutrients to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

The botanical oil of neroli and jasmine is made from vegetable oils of sweet almond, apricot and sesame, rich in vitamins A and E, a perfect combo that creates a natural barrier to protect the skin while calming itching or itching. .



Its smell is so extremely pleasant with citrus and floral notes that it will remind you of the cologne waters of your childhood.



The trick to make it better absorbed is to add a few drops to the palm of your hand, rub both hands together to warm it slightly and make it fluid.

Then massage it with circular movements.

This will make it more easily absorbed, in addition to not using more than necessary.

With this advice you will notice that your skin has been nourished by the dose together without leaving it feeling sticky or greasy.


We advise you to use the botanical oil on your body daily, from the first months of pregnancy, applying it at least once a day, preferably before going to bed.


Another option for use is to apply it when you get out of the shower on wet skin, to enhance skin hydration.

Here we leave it to your liking.



3. And if stretch marks have appeared...

It's okay, keep taking care of yourself and act in time so that they heal in the best way.

No other cosmetic is as versatile and versatile as our first formula to launch on the market: the nourishing tangerine and geranium balm .



It contains 12 natural active ingredients that make it a great regenerator and repairer: sweet almonds, olive, calendula, avocado, rosehip, wheat germ, mandarin, carrot, sweet orange, geranium, lavender and shea.

A cocktail rich in omegas, vitamins and minerals with a pleasant creamy texture that melts with the skin, providing flexibility, firmness and well-being.

Apply a small amount on the stretch mark to promote healing.



There is only one of our body cosmetics that we recommend you put aside during pregnancy: grapefruit and cedar detox oil .

The reason? Its formula with high content of essential oils that act to help improve the state of cellulite or skin adiposity.

Besides, it doesn't make much sense to fight them when at this stage your body is looking for just the opposite: to have enough fat to feed the baby.





Photography by Lara López
Model Marta Aragonés
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