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The aroma of a spring morning.


Limited edition candle.

Stimulating and cheerful, this vegetal candle will transport you with its citrus and herbal fragrance to the season of good weather, to long walks in nature and to mornings full of light.

Its essential oils of lemongrass, verbena and peppermint are highly deodorant, making it ideal for refreshing spaces.

Combined with the stimulating essences of rosemary, sage and marjoram from the garden.


What makes him special

It contains lemongrass essential oil that gives it a citrus and sparkling touch, combined perfectly with rosemary, with an intense and slightly camphorous aroma that makes it last over time.

Made by hand one by one by Celia in her workshop, where no candle is the same as another.

One more


Su aroma

It has a citrusy top, but as the minutes go by the herbal green appears.

How is it used

Trim the wick before lighting for optimal combustion.

Place the candle on a heat-resistant surface.

For safety reasons, avoid lighting the candle in rooms where there are children or pets.

Keep the candle away from drafts and drafts such as fans and away from curtains, fabrics or flammable materials.


Vegetal wax, parfum, Limonene*, Linalool*, Citral*, Citronelool*, Geraniol*

*Naturally present in essential oils

Perfume of natural origin made with botanical extracts and pure essential oils.

100% vegetable wax free of GMOs, pesticides or herbicides.
Does not contain paraffin or palm oil.



Around 15 hours in duration.

Amber glass jar with screw lid.

Combine it with: