Wooden diffuser for aromatherapy

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Set the mood in your chosen moment and place. 

Add four drops of concentrated aroma essence to the diffuser and let its balsamic fragrance slowly disperse throughout the environment.


What makes him special

It is so practical that you can take it everywhere.

Since it doesn't need heat or water, you can take it wherever you want, even on a trip, in the car, in your bag or to your yoga class.

Su aroma

Whichever you prefer, you just have to add the essential oil or aroma essence chosen.

How to use

Add 4 drops of aroma essence to the top of the diffuser.

Wait ten seconds until the wood absorbs it, inhale it slowly and then place it in the chosen room.


Laser-engraved beech wood


5cm in height x 3cm in diameter

Combine it with: