Earth element

Gua Sha to drain, reduce inflammation and smooth


Neither mixed, nor greasy, nor dry

BALANCED skin is healthy skin. And there is no beautiful skin if it is not healthy.

In all these years of experience in the cabin, we have learned that the secret is not in the LABELS, but in keeping your pH and hydrolipidic layer in harmony so that it performs its most important function: protecting you.

With this in mind, here's how we create your beauty routine:

FROM LISTENING, to know your needs. All our products have a WHY and are created to solve problems such as acne or dehydration.

WE RESEARCH AND TEST the best combination of flowers, plants and essential oils in our laboratory to find the most effective formula to treat skin conditions.

WE MAKE your products with the best botanical ingredients, the most advanced phytotherapy and first cold pressed oils. Without water, without refining or filling agents.

What makes us different?

Selected botanical ingredients

Born in 2008

Pioneer firm in the use of powerful plant active ingredients of the highest quality.

Clean beauty

No endocrine disruptors. Free of toxins and synthetic perfumes.

Sisters and partners

Created by two aesthetic experts with training in cosmetology and aromatherapy.

Always fresh

Made in small batches to keep its properties intact.

Own formulas

Based on a lot of study and updating, along with research and development.

Betting on Km 0

Ingredients from local crops and authorized forests.

Flores del norte, our aromatherapy line for your home.

Made with essential oils and plant extracts.

Discover an alternative and healthy way to perfume your rooms, wash your clothes and even enjoy a moment of well-being and meditation.

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Three easy steps

For a vital and luminous face.

Cleanse, hydrate and nourish

Our best seller that has even traveled to Canada.

It's not just another cream.

Your skin will love it

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