Rocío Olmo, the interior designer who signs our latest exclusive edition

Rocío Olmo, la diseñadora de interiores que firma nuestra última edición exclusiva

There are people who are summer. And Rocío Olmo is one of them.

It does not matter if you are in November or February. When I think of Rocío, colors typical of light and good weather always come to mind, seasoned with her favorite animals: flamingos (long before the boom and subsequent embarrassment).

I'm sure there's a Pantone guide in her bag that only includes warm pastels and neon. See if she loves her job I've seen her carry tiles in her trunk for a new decorating project.



We met almost two decades ago through a fotolog — yes, I said fotolog — before the arrival of social networks. I was living in Madrid at that time and connecting with someone from such a distance already seemed like the bomb.

I always say that he invented the selfie. He took photos in mirrors and later with Photoshop he made montages and collages that would now be authentic works of modern art. His passion for graphic design spread to me and he introduced me to artists I had never heard of in my life.

That's how I met dew elm And from that moment I thought that if one day I started a business, she would be the decorator and designer of the brand. 



No sooner said than done. The three Nasei logos bear his seal. 

Now we wanted to create something special together. This is how the new limited edition of Nasei hair serum was born.

When making the formulation I was inspired by the summer, it could not be otherwise. But not in mine, but in his: the South (where he now resides), the warm aromas like his color palette and hemp, for his nod to the free and carefree spirit of the American hippies of the 70s.








Our serum would have been perfect to take care of the hair of that time. Rocio likes to pamper hers. Blond. She has been faithful to this color since I have known her.

Orange, rosemary and lavender are the flowers that I have chosen for this organic formula. And, of course, the geranium, typical of the Malaga balconies, could not be missing.





Rocío has chosen to travel further with her illustration. Nothing more and nothing less than the Joshua Tree park, in California. He says Andalusia is his personal west coast. 

He only needs his sunsets and the agaves, of which he is a fan, to live in an eternal summer that we have bottled for you and to which you can return whenever you want with a slight movement of your hair.



Text by Veronica Martin and Lorraine Avignon / Photography Lorraine Avignon