Step by step of double cleaning



Learn how to get the most out of facial purity ritual


A simple two-step method to clean your face of impurities, environmental pollution and even makeup. 

Although it may seem long, it will not take you more than three minutes, which are especially worth investing to have healthy facial skin from the base, the most important principle of your daily skin care routine.

Suitable even for the most sensitive skin, this process maintains the hydrolipidic balance of the skin layer as well as maintaining a balanced ph in addition to providing you with nourished, luminous and beautiful skin.

In addition, its floral aromas and its pleasant textures will become your unique moment of self-care, providing you with a dose of well-being.

You'll love it. 


Double cleansing of the face

Before starting your ritual, it is essential to have your hair tied up or covered. 

The ideal is to do it in the bathroom, to have a source of water close at hand, but you can also do it with a bowl of water while you taste your favorite infusion. Can you imagine a better moment for yourself?

Let's start!


  1. Take the size of a hazelnut from the cleansing milk almonds and marjoram and massage all over your face, including the eyes, without forgetting the neck. don't take it back.


  1. then take the marine facial sponge, moisten it in water and rub it in the bar of herbal soap of grapefruit and geranium until it makes a creamy foam that you will massage on the areas where you have applied the cleansing milk.


  1. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water and dry with a towel gently.


  1. Spray the rockrose and orange blossom toner all over the skin, including neck and décolleté. Leave the skin moist, so you will get more hydration with the next step. 





Now you have your face ready to apply a few drops of your favorite serum and the cedar and geranium eye contour, sealing the treatment with the Geranium, Lavender and Rose Moisturizing Cream.