Elene Tamayo, the value of ceramics without haste

Elene Tamayo, el valor de la cerámica sin prisa


There are people who are good at anything and make everything beautiful.

Elene Tamayo is one of them. Surely for this reason, luckily for us, he has always been clear about his vocation.

so much that From a very young age she was already hooked on pencils and markers and drew everything that came her way.

It was clear, finish studying Creation and Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Bilbao and Madrid it was just a matter of time.

Then came illustration, screen printing, ceramics and any type of support that allows him the space and time he needs to experiment. 


estudio de la ceramista Elene Tamayo



Because those are the keys to his work: calm, pampering and daring to play.


Elene Tamayo trabajando la cerámica y el barro

He was born in the small coastal town of Orio (Basque Country). From there is where he now creates one by one, by hand, each of his ceramic pieces. No hurries.

Elene haciendo cucharitas de cerámica y cuencos


Elene bakes for hours and cultivates waiting for the necessary days before creating the next batches.

This is his method to achieve unique and unrepeatable pieces such as the limited edition bowls of our launch new purifying white clay, rosemary and rice powder mask


sérum nutritivo de nasei en cuenco de cerámica



He also takes great care of the materials. The clays and clays that he uses are refractory — resistant to very high temperatures thanks to their metallic oxide content — and all his enamels are lead-free.

At his feet, always Lua, his dog and faithful companion and the aroma of harmonizing atmosphere calm and stillness of Flores del norte in the air. 

She says that "it relaxes her and helps her focus on her creations", and we couldn't be more grateful to be part of something so beautiful. 

Elene Tamayo y su perra Lua y al lado un  spray armonizador de ambiente de nuestra línea de hogar flores del norte
Elene, thank you for letting us peek into your world.


Text by Verónica Martín
Photographs by Lorraine Avignon