What are forest baths and how do they help you feel calm?

Qué son los baños de bosque y cómo te ayudan a sentirte en calma - Nasei

It's a normal Saturday after a very stressful week.

You feel tired, emotionally exhausted and the only thing you want to do is lie down on the couch. 

However, you know well what you need. That's why you put on your sneakers, go to the forest and after 2 hours of walking you feel like new.

Did you know that what you just did has a name and that its benefits for your health are proven?



una mujer en un bosque rodeada de pinos


Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese technique of healing forest baths

Intuition has been telling us this for a long time, but it is Eastern culture that already confirmed in 1982 the healing power of a forest immersion.

The anthropologist Yoshifumi Miyazaki, one of the pioneers in this movement, defends that "in everyday life, it is possible to achieve a feeling of well-being by synchronizing our rhythms with those of the environment."

He has been carrying out studies since 2004 with more than 600 people and his research shows that, compared to walks around the city, forest bathing reduces cortisol (known as the stress hormone) by 12.4% and by 1.4%. blood pressure.

In addition, contact with nature increases activity in areas of the brain linked to empathy and emotions.

The literal translation of Shinrin Yoku is 'absorb the atmosphere of the forest' and maintains that these walks improve the health, well-being and sense of happiness of those who take them.

In Japan, there are already more than two million people who practice this simple and effective therapeutic resource.







How to give yourself a forest bath so that it is effective?

You don't need any invocation or ritual or tree hugging (but do it if you feel the desire). 

Neither does traveling a certain distance nor making great physical effort and, although it may sound contradictory, it is not even essential to have a forest at hand. 

Any open natural space is valid.

You only need to meet 3 requirements: leave the rush at home, put your five senses into what you are doing and enjoy the silence.

No external stimuli, no cell phone or conversations. Listening to the sounds, she pays attention to the sensations, aromas and textures of the plants.

Observing the shade of greens and browns, how the sun's rays filter through the trees and the simple changes that occur around you.

With this alone, you are already strengthening your immune system and reducing the effect of anxiety, stress and negative emotions.



un tronco abrazado



You see, as simple as taking a walk in nature and breathing.

Of course, if you have the opportunity, just as in a yoga and meditation class (especially at the beginning) it is recommended to have a person guide the practice, it is also the best in this case.

They know the keys to getting the most out of the experience.

As for whether there is a set time or not, the truth is that there is not. Some studies argue that the effects can be noticed after 15 minutes.

Without leaving home

To take full advantage of the benefits of Shinrin Yoku, At Nasei we have created a toning body oil with the aroma and active ingredients of elderberry, eucalyptus and cypress.


Comforts your skin and prevents dryness.

Thanks to the properties of:


  • Elderberry seeds that soothe and heal the skin from the cold.
  • Eucalyptus to stimulate circulation and treat dermatitis.
  • The toning and diuretic power of cypress.


botes de aceites sobre un tronco


Everything, seasoned with a touch of cinnamon. A powerful mixture that will help you reduce stress, release tension and take you to a deep state of relaxation.

For its application, use the same philosophy as baths: inhale calmly and take your time to massage the oil over the body.

Absorb the forest in every way. You will immediately notice how your skin and your well-being improve significantly.


mujer paseando entre pinares