Ionic body brush

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Recharge your energy while stimulating lymph and purifying your body.


Dry body brushing is an ancient technique with numerous health benefits.

It is associated with improving circulation and lymphatic flow, in addition to strengthening the immune system, especially in cold periods.

Its exfoliating effects eliminate dead cells and stimulate the production of new ones for smoother skin.

If yours are hands and cold feet in winter (in addition to buttocks and legs), combine it with the toning oil of elderberry, cypress and eucalyptus. It will help you warm up. 

When positive ions block the skin's energy flow; An external supply of negative ions is required to achieve an adequate balance.

This ionic body brush offers negative ionization that is favorable for the skin and the body, offering a feeling of energetic renewal.

Although it may not seem like it, its bristles are soft and produce a pleasant massage.


your formula

  • Ultra-fine copper bristles and wires generate negative ions to boost oxygen flow to cells, achieving healthy, radiant skin.


One more 

Feeling of lightness by stimulating blood circulation.


How and when do I use it?

The ideal is once a week, before showering, dry. 

Do an ascending massage from the feet, passing through the trunk and arms, until you reach the neck.

Draw circles to activate vital flow and stimulate lymphatic circulation. 



Wood. Vegetable and copper bristles. 


Amount 20cm wide and 5cm high 

It is accompanied by the cotton toiletry bag.