Cotton Cleansing Wipe

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Wipe made of cotton fabric created to complement the daily ritual of removing makeup with our olive and eucalyptus cleansing balm or our orange blossom and marjoram cleansing milk.

When using it, its natural tissue stimulates the skin through a gentle massage, which increases blood circulation to increase the absorption of products that are applied later: tonic, serum, balm, cream...


Our advice for use

Apply the chosen product on the face. Moisten the washcloth with hot water and wash with it the impurities and remains of the cleaner. 

Wash after every 2-3 uses. As more is washed, the cloth becomes tastier.



pure cotton 100%.

Free of bleaches, chlorines or other toxic substances.

Reusable and washable by hand or machine at 40 degrees.


Measurements 20cmx20cm