Vegetable candle Breathe

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We have created this candle for those days when you feel low on energy and need concentration.

Its freshness clears the head, improving the ability to relax and helping in turn to focus on the activity of what you are doing.

When the candle melts you will find rose quartz pearls, the stone of unconditional love and infinite peace. Also frankincense resin and myrrh that release a spicy fragrance in the heat of the flame.

At the end of everything you will find a stone to accompany your meditations: blue quartz, tiger's eye, red jasper, lapis lazuli or carnelian. 

Each candle contains a different one with different properties for the protection and care of your energy.


What does it smell like?

To oriental resins, woods and a touch mentholation 

A studied mixture of sandalwood, incense resin, mint, cedar and eucalyptus.

When to turn it on?

When you need to set the space while you concentrate, either when studying, writing, meditating, or in your yoga practice.


How long does it last?

40 hours long. Almost 2 whole days of sailing.


How is it created?

Celia makes them by hand in an artisanal way in our own workshop, with vegetable wax, cotton wick and essential oils.

All its ingredients are local, biodegradable and respectful of the environment.


Some recommendations

Trim the wick before lighting for optimal combustion. 

Place the candle on a heat resistant surface. For safety, avoid lighting the candle in rooms where there are children or pets.

Keep the candle away from drafts and drafts such as fans and away from curtains, fabrics or flammable materials.





 INegetal something, scent*

*created solely from essential oils

 100% vegetable free of GMOs, pesticides or herbicides 





Made in Spain.