Why after your practice you look beautiful and other important issues that nobody told you about yoga

Por qué después de tu práctica te ves guapa y otros asuntos importantes que nadie te contó sobre el yoga


Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't it true that your skin seems to be smoother and more luminous after doing several repetitions of the sun salutation?

If you allow me, I answer you myself: it is like that and it is not the result of chance. The explanation is in microbiology.

It turns out that when you sweat you secrete toxins, water and lactic acid. The latter acts as a natural exfoliant.

Something like a mild and less aggressive version of salicylic and glycolic acid. 

For this reason, in general, people who exercise have firmer, smoother and more unified skin.





sweating takes effect peeling, only instead of using the product on your dermis, you generate it from within.

And we already know that real changes and improvements always start from the inside out (and not the other way around).

In case it seems little to you, I tell you that lactic acid is depigmenting, so it also serves to treat spots on your skin.

 In line with this. Another important note The one that nobody usually warns you about before your first class: in yoga you sweat

It depends on the style, yes. 

But if you have ever said "yoga is too calm for me", "I just need something more hard", I invite you to try a yoga class. Power, of Rocket the one of Bikram yoga. 

And then you tell me.





More things I would have liked to know before starting. 

It is not necessary to be super flexible, nor will they force you to do inverted postures, head down.

Yoga is about listening to you a lot. To you and your body. Only you set the limits, the demands are left out of the class.

Regarding the need to be elastic, there is a maxim that says that “if you can breathe you can do yoga”. Well that.

You also don't have to wear orange pants (if you want, yes, of course) or wear anything. Just go comfortable.

We follow. yoga hooks

You start half by chance and when you want to realize it you are juggling to find the gap and get to your class.

Or so that the mat fits in your suitcase even if you are only going to be away for 3 days. Little word of yogi

Now you find it hard to believe, but you will end up chanting the mantra "om" at full volume and without any shame. 

It doesn't matter that the first day you heard it it made you laugh or you thought you were getting into a sect.



We jump into the mundane. To maintain its good condition and take care of hygiene you need to clean your mat every time you use it

Ideally, you should do it with a cloth and a product that protects it from bacteria and is respectful of different materials and the environment.

In this, we can help you





Last and not least. you will discover that yoga goes far beyond moving the body or doing physical exercise

It is a tool to apply in your daily life that, as it says Martha of the Order, “It helps you stop and observe, to be much kinder to your body”.

Marta is the author of the inspiring photographs that accompany this article. 

Her love story with yoga begins like so many other people's: out of necessity. 

In his case, there have been two times that this discipline has come to the rescue. The first, by physical necessity: "I was young and was in a lot of pain after having a serious motorcycle accident."

The second, responding to a deep emotional search: «I decided to turn my life around, leave the world of advertising —in which she worked as an art director in a large agency— and spend time with me.

I started going to the psychologist and cultivating things that made me feel good. So I immersed myself in studying different styles of yoga and its philosophy for two years.

She found her way hand in hand playing with two of the things she loves to do the most in the world: yoga and photography.

Marta says that she has the memory of going with a camera in her hands since she was a child, when she was dedicated to photographing her family and all the animals that she crossed on the way.

In continuous learning, photography and creativity are his tools to release his emotions and a sensitivity that few people can boast of.

Our luck to accompany you on one of these trips, Marta.





P. D. If among the noise of Instagram you want to find beauty and calm, we recommend that you follow the profile of Marta. Pure inspiration.

If you still doubt whether or not to start with yoga, I encourage you to try and keep in mind what we have told you. 

And if you like it, remember to tell us your first impressions. You know we always love to hear from you.




Photography Marta of the Order
Texts Verónica Martín