Gua Sha wooden body

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It's time to massage and tone your body.

Just like you do with your face, your body skin also needs to be cared for to look beautiful and healthy.

This wooden body gua sha provides a deep massage of the muscles, while stimulating blood circulation, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells. 

This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of the cosmetic products applied, especially the detox oil. Use them together to enhance the effects and you will see that they are good companions. 


One more 

Its shape of curves and lines adapts to the contour of your entire body: legs, arms, abdomen...


How and when do I use it?

On clean skin, apply the detox oil to the area to be treated and then massage with the gua sha:

Legs: slide it upwards from the ankle to the knee, and then from the knee to the groin and buttock.

Do it on the inside and outside. Repeat each step six times. 

Abdomen: from the hips to the armpits. Repeat each step 6 times.

 After use, wash with warm water, mild soap and dry.  



Beech wood.