Winter Solstice Vegetable Candle

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Can you imagine walking into a house that smells like a spiced cookie?

Pure Christmas smell: spices, orange and tangerine peel and a touch of almond.

With the light of this candle you will recreate a warm atmosphere. With its sweet aroma it will seem that you will always be baking something delicious.

This candle is made in our own workshop with iBiodegradable and environmentally friendly ingredients.


your formula

  • It only contains cera vegetal, which does not form odor or contain petroleum derivatives. 



The fragance

A Christmas sweet: orange and tangerine peel, nougat, cinnamon and cloves.


How and when do I use it?

If we are honest, always. But we must confess that we like the idea of this candle decorating your table on Christmas Eve and Christmas.

Trim the wick before lighting for optimal combustion. 

Place the candle on a heat resistant surface. For safety, avoid lighting the candle in rooms where there are children or pets.

Keep the candle away from drafts and drafts such as fans and away from curtains, fabrics or flammable materials.



Vegetable somethingscent*, Limonene**, Citral**,

Linalool**, Farnesol**, Eugenol**, 


* ingredient from organic farming

** naturally present in essential oils


Amount 90gr 

Amber glass jar with screw cap