Flores del Norte, our artisan workshop is hidden in the Basque mountains of Duranguesado

Flores del Norte, nuestro taller artesanal se esconde en los montes vascos del Duranguesado


«OK. We take care of our diet and also what we apply to our skin, but what about what surrounds us and what we breathe?

This is the question we asked ourselves 7 years ago.

And it is that Why? he has a twin sister. Despite the fact that she is the discreet one in the family, surely that sounds familiar to you, right?

They have a lot in common —like good sisters—, although each one has its own personality.

Nasei is the oldest, she was the first to be born. We couldn't find organic cosmetics that matched our values or philosophy, so we decided that if the mountain didn't go to Muhammad, Muhammad went to the mountain.

With Northern Flowers, that's what the youngest is called, the same thing happened to us. That's why we decided to wrap our heads around our heads again and created our first verbena and orange air freshener.



Like its sister, it had to meet 3 requirements: its quality, that its ingredients were natural, and that it had nothing to do with synthetic and petrochemical aromas loaded with allergens.

this way he was born Flores (surname of the North). If Nasei is the cosmetic brand that we couldn't find anywhere, Northern Flowers it's own online home.

We know what you are thinking, "it is not the most original name in the world", but it is the one that perfectly summarizes the process of collecting and creating our own distillations and macerations of flowers and plants to create the home fragrance, candles and sprays of the line.

What does this mean? so what It is made only with botanical extracts from our environment. It does not contain preservatives or other ingredients. Alone the essential oils of the elements of the field that Celia collect with their own hands.

she is who so 100% handmade create each of the products in your Amorebieta workshop house, in Bizkaia, with great sensitivity.



Northern Flowers it is honest, sustainable and real.
One of those that does not leave you indifferent.

Think about it. Is there a specific scent that just smelling it makes you feel good? There you have proof that perfumes not only aromatize spaces, but also influence your mood and have a powerful psychological function.

That's why you will recognize Northern Flowers for its aromas, but also for the emotions it provokes in you. The same ones that will lead you to search your archive of memories of happy moments: a pleasant "nap under the orange tree", the renewing nights of "sweet dreams" the unforgettable "country walk" among lavender flowers.




have you read the "Perfume" by Patrick Suskind? Well, the same ancient alchemical perfumery that they use in Grasse, the region where the story is located, is the one that we use in the elaboration of each product of Northern Flowers.

And, of course, she is an aunt with clear things. Its purpose is very clear: to eliminate products with synthetic fragrances from homes to replace them with environmentally friendly products.

For this reason, its composition uses only the perfumes of plants and flowers themselves, and all its ingredients (including its glass containers) are biodegradable. Now you know Flores del Norte better.