rosemary essential oil

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The all-terrain plant. 

Rosemary is a plant native to the Mediterranean, whose scientific name, rosmarinus, means “aromatic shrub.”

Due to its bactericidal effect, it is a good remedy to help clean and decongest, for this reason it was formerly used as a substitute for incense to purify spaces.

Sharpens memory and improves concentration.

Useful during study or creativity times, avoiding mental exhaustion and apathy.


your formula 

  • Steam distillation of the leaves and branches. Its flowering occurs in autumn and that is when it is collected and distilled.
  • You will find rosemary essential oil quimyotype 1.8-cineol, for being the most interesting for memory and concentration. 


One more 

Elevates spirits, renews enthusiasm and reinforces self-confidence.


The fragance 

Balsamic, very powerful.


How and when do I use it?

Add two to four drops into a diffuser or scent burner.

You can also use it to clean the home together with a natural soap to enhance its aromatic properties.

Use intended for home use only. Do not eat. Do not use on the skin.



Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil*, Limonene**, Linalool**, Citral**, Geraniol **, Citronellol**, Eugenol **

* ingredient from organic farming
** naturally present in essential oils



Amount 5 ml

Amber glass bottle with dropper cap. 

Qué le hace especial

Destilación al vapor de las hojas y ramas. 

Su floración se da en otoño y es cuando se recolecta y se destila.

Encontrarás el aceite esencial de romero quimiotipo 1.8-cineol, por ser el más interesante para la memoria y la concentración.

Su aroma

Balsámico e intenso.

Cómo se utiliza

Añade de dos a cuatro gotas en un difusor o quemador de esencias.

También puedes utilizarlo para limpiar el hogar junto a un jabón natural para potenciar sus propiedades aromáticas.

Uso destinado únicamente para el hogar. No ingerir. No usar sobre la piel.


Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Oil*, Limonene**, Linalool**, Citral**, Geraniol **, Citronellol**, Eugenol **

* ingrediente procedente de cultivo biológico
** presente de forma natural en los aceites esenciales



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