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A few days ago, a publication was circulating on the networks that made us think. He post I was reflecting on the current system and how you feel guilty and punish yourself every time you feel that you are not being “productive”.

You have to see what it costs us to be aware that rest is not a whim! It's not just that it's bad, but quite the opposite.

Record it on fire. 

Enjoying the tasty feeling of being on the loose and the "five more minutes" does not mean that you are a lazy person, and, in addition to tasting glorious, it increases your physical and mental resistance, reduces diabetes and regulates stress. Come on, it's not just a pleasure, but we're talking about health.

Rest affects the entire body, including the skin. Because yes, your skin also needs to rest. 



Just as you go to sleep to recover energy for the next day, the body also takes advantage of these hours to regenerate. And with it your complexion.

If you are observant and you know yourself, you probably already know that a schedule routine, eating a light and nutritious dinner and respecting circadian rhythms benefit your skin. 

Rhythms… what? Much simpler than it seems, it is about matching your activity and your rest to the cycles marked by light and darkness.

Your internal 24-hour cycle is determined by the shift change between the sun and the moon. As a human species, our organism has evolved to adapt to the rotation of the Earth. 

That is, the Cardiac rhtyms they are the culprits that you have an internal biological clock that regulates the moments of sleep and eating, your hormone production and temperature.

It is this internal timer that asks you to rest when night falls and alerts you that it is time to get going in the morning. 

The same goes for your skin. It is normal that at night he asks for thicker and creamier products such as oils and lighter textures to go out. And in the same way, you have to listen to your instincts. 

Night is the time to feed your skin, because while you rest in a horizontal position, your skin is nourished. When everything is quiet, it is time to calmly absorb all the nightly beauty ritual.

Although there is a trend that defends the non-application of any product to let it breathe, experience tells us that it is not the skin that performs this function, but the respiratory system that performs it for the whole organism. The skin does not breathe, it regenerates. 



Here the three layers of tissue come into play: epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The latter supported by adipose and connective tissue, made up of a succession of cells that multiply during their useful life, creating what we call skin. And this happens largely while we sleep.

You just have to see the effects of a restful sleep. Dark circles disappear and your skin is brighter and firmer. 

So we got down to work to take advantage of the rest and its benefits on your skin. We wanted to create something nourishing that would hold up to head-turning and pillow rubbing.

In this way our jasmine absolute night repair balm. Once again it was Celia, who is such a fan of vegetable butters for that, who was in charge of achieving the perfect texture after a long process in the laboratory and testing it on the skin of different women between 30 and 75 years old.




Without a doubt, the perfect product for those who find it difficult to find time to take care of themselves in their day to day. Have you tried it? We would love to hear your opinion.



Text Verónica Martín / Photography Lara López and Lorena Avignon