From sisters to sisters. Nasei seen by Zubi Design.

De hermanas a hermanas. Nasei vista por Zubi Design.


Working with your sister is… different?

Let's call it that. 

Elena and Mercedes Zubizarreta from the fashion, handbags and accessories firm know it well Teeth Design.

Adding dreams and creating a joint project makes working side by side every day something special.

They know it well.

For this reason, they have created a section on their website to show projects led by sister women and tell what is going on in the kitchen.

This is why last spring, I found an email from Mer in my inbox.

I had to rub my eyes hard.

Of all the experiences that I have lived in my almost 40s, there is one that I would never have imagined: being a model for a day.

And less than a brand we admire so much!

The occasion was worth it, of course.

And, even if one does not have the necessary boards, the adventure It is the most fun and it is very exciting to see you later in the photographs. 

The fact is that in that email Mer proposed us to star in an editorial-interview with her clothes. 

Nasei had reached his ears and it seemed to him that we fit perfectly.

Take now!


Jersey marrón de la firma Zubi con flores


The first installment was dedicated to the Arce Sisters and its French-style café. A place we love to go on our visits to Madrid.

Also, the photographer was going to be Bea Gaspar. Co-founder of the Hello! Creativity and a close, creative person with impeccable aesthetic taste.

Come on, there was only one option: say yes.

This is how Bea ended up in Amorebieta on a cool Friday in April direct from Madrid.

The result? Here it is.


Celia y Lorena de Nasei acompañadas de sus burros



The photos perfectly reflect who we are and what surrounds us. 


Natural, without frills. surrounded by our donkeys, red-handed in the workshop.

She made us feel so comfortable that from minute 1 we were ourselves and we enjoyed a lot. 

What you see is what is available.

Bea, thank you for capturing our essence and giving us space to be.

Mer, Elena, thanks for pulling the blanket over our heads.

If you feel like it, you can read the full interview and see the rest of the photos, you have them on Zubi's website.

All the photographs are by Bea Gaspar.


jersey de Zubi y las hermanas Nasei



Celia paseando con vestido y jersey de Zubi y flores del caléndula




 Frascos y tarros de Nasei en un laboratorio cosmético


Realizando pruebas cosméticas con plantas medicinales


Helecho sobre un libro de plantas medicinales